Although as a child he formally studied drums, piano, and guitar, most of Alex Wroten's early musical education came from years of independent experiments with instruments and tape recorders. In middle school, Alex transitioned to experimenting with computer software and began to notate some of his music, including two pieces for his middle school concert band. In high school, Alex became avidly interested in composing soundtracks when he began writing and directing his own films.

Beginning in 2004, Alex Wroten attended the Greenville County Fine Arts Center (in Greenville, SC), where he studied music theory under Dr. Gary Robinson and composition under Dr. Jon Grier. The next year, Alex entered The University of South Carolina (USC) as a music composition major, where he studied composition under John Fitz Rogers and Reginald Bain, and classical guitar under Christopher Berg. Alex is currently attending the Dartmouth College Digital Musics Masters program, where he studies under Michael Casey, David Casal, and Kui Dong.

As a composer, Alex has created concert music for static electronic media and a wide variety of performing ensembles, including: full orchestra, laptop quartet, a chamber orchestra of toy instruments. He has also composed scores for numerous film and video game projects, both for himself and others.

As a performer, Alex's main instrument is guitar, which he has played in the USC World Jazz Orchestra, the USC Guitar Ensemble, the Dartmouth College Contemporary Music Lab, and various bands over the years. Alex also sang for the USC University Chorus and played percussion in numerous concert bands.

In November 2009, Alex launched an online archive of his music, allowing anyone to log on for free and listen to more than 75 hours of his work.
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