A collection of acclaimed (and ambiguous) projects. Links to full films available on request.

Leading diverse crews large and small, Alex has been directing shorts, features and web series since 2001. His work lives at the intersection of the wily and offbeat because that is where is life passions (and personality) lie.

Not only does Alex know how to lead the creative vision of a project to actors, he also is able to direct the technical aspects. He is skilled in camera, sound and lighting work, giving him a comprehensive grasp of what it takes to execute films from conception through post-production.


Untitled Shawn Phillips Documentary (201X doc. feature), Various Locations
The Mismanagement of Medwin Monroe (2018 web series), Los Angeles, CA
Brunch on What Grounds (2018 short), New York, NY
Mrs. Claus (2017 short), New York, NY
Pruneaux Grigiot (2017 short), Southern California
Paw Prince (2017 short), Los Angeles, CA
Nixone (2017 web series), Los Angeles, CA
Cafe Expose: Scarmacist (2017 webisode), Los Angeles, CA
Hell Bent (2017 short), Greenville, SC
Ailurophilia (2017 short), New York, NY
The Wicked End (2016 short), Los Angeles, CA
Spooky Story (2016 short), Los Angeles, CA
Adult Slumber Party (2016 short), New York, NY
Make Yoga Great Again (2016 short), New York, NY
Performance Review (2016 short), Los Angeles, CA
Visions of the Apocalypse (2016 documentary short), Greenville, SC
Trinket (2016 short), Los Angeles, CA
God Bless New Dixie (2015 feature), South Carolina
Ape Zone (2015 web series), Los Angeles, CA
Subliminal (2015 short), Riverside, CA
Teammates (2015 short), Los Angeles & Bay Area
The Goldenboy (2015 web series), Los Angeles, CA
Doctor Mystery (2015 short), New York, NY
The Girl from Carolina (2015 web series), South Carolina
Artistic Venture (2014 short), Los Angeles & San Francisco

Christopher Columbus Saves the World (2014 short), Southern California
Weekly Meeting (2014 web series), Los Angeles, CA
The Pillow Pact (2014 short), Los Angeles, CA
What’s New in NY: Ep. 15, M.A.K.E. (2014 doc. webisode), Santa Monica, CA
Showdown at Sullivan Oaks (2014 short), Los Angeles, CA
Kevin, Take Two (2014 short), Los Angeles, CA
Peter Bear’s Den (2014 web series), Greenville, SC
Stalking Levar, Ep. 1: Levar’s Latte (2013 webisode), Los Angeles, CA
Out for Delivery (2013 short), Los Angeles, CA
Fragmentation (2013 short), Los Angeles, CA
Buddy (2012 short), Los Angeles, CA
2 Hours (2012 short), Greenville, SC
The Unmasked (2012 short), Greenville, SC
Mono (2012 short), Los Angeles, CA
The Greatest Love Story (2011 short), Greenville, SC
The Puppet King (2010 short), Greenville, SC
The Rapes and Pillages of Captain Judd: Chapter 403 (2009 short), Columbia, SC
Music of the Spheres (2008 short), Columbia, SC
Kirk Mannican’s Liberty Mug (2007 feature), Greenville, SC
Oscar, Alfred, and Adolph (2007 short), Columbia, SC
Degrees of Separation (2007 short), Columbia, SC
Corporate Assault (2006 short), Columbia, SC
Milligan Tribute Band (2005 feature), Greenville, SC
The Human Elbow (2005 short), Greenville, SC
Tapeworm (fetish) (2003 feature), Greenville, SC

Recently Released Work

My short documentary about an apocalyptic outsider artist from Greenville, SC.

A short Southern gothic drama set in the 1980s.

The trailer for the standalone second season of The Girl from Carolina, my Southern mystery comedy webseries.