A sampling of Alex’s most delightful (and dubious) dialogue. Full scripts, both produced and unproduced, available on request.

Alex has written tons of shorts, features, and web series, both produced and unproduced. His inventive screenplays are fueled by clever dialogue, rich characterization, and unpredictable plot developments.

Alex’s technique has hardened from years of practical experience. His interest in screenwriting began in elementary school, and he believes that the best writing comes from lessons learned by seeing projects come to life. His writing process is highly adaptable, ranging from intense and breakneck to measured and precise, depending on the project’s requirements.


The Man on the Radio (Horror Feature), In Development
Blue Ridge Syndicate (1-Hour Southern Dramedy Pilot), Unproduced
Video Heroes (1-Hour Sci-Fi Pilot), Unproduced
The Lighthouse Boys (Mystery Feature), Unproduced
Clown Squad (Half-Hour Comedy/Horror Pilot), Unproduced
Aphids in the Hall (15-min Cartoon Pilot), Unproduced
Cat’s Bounty [co-written] (web series), Unproduced
Crayfish: Band from ‘Bama [co-written] (Comedy/Action Feature), Unproduced
The Recognition Fellowship [co-written] (Horror Feature), Unproduced
Rocket City [co-written] (Coming-of-Age Feature), Unproduced
Brunch on What Grounds (2018), relationship comedy short
Mrs. Claus (2017), Christmas comedy short
Nixone (2017), 10-episode horror/comedy web series
Pruneaux Grigiot (2017), psychedelic fantasy short
Paw Prince (2017), comedy short
Cafe Expose: Scarmacist (2017), comedy/parody webisode
Hell Bent (2017), thriller/suspense short
Ailurophilia (2017), gross-out comedy short
The Wicked End (2016), superhero satire short
Spooky Story (2016), horror short
Make Yoga Great Again (2016), allegorical short
Performance Review (2016), fantasy/comedy short
God Bless New Dixie [co-written] (2015), Southern satire/mystery feature
Ape Zone [co-written] (2015), 10-episode comedy/horror web series
Subliminal (2015), supernatural comedy short
Doctor Mystery (2015), mystery/thriller short

The Girl from Carolina [co-written] (2015), Southern mystery/satire web series
Artistic Venture (2014), comedy/satire short
Christopher Columbus Saves the World (2014), sci-fi/comedy short
Weekly Meeting (2014), 10-episode comedy web series
The Pillow Pact (2014), comedy short
Showdown at Sullivan Oaks (2014), action short
Kevin, Take Two (2014), sci-fi short
Peter Bear’s Den (2014), 53-episode comedy web series
Out for Delivery (2013), single-scene short
Fragmentation [co-written] (2013), psychedelic short
Buddy [co-written] (2012), sci-fi/comedy short
2 Hours (2012), surreal short
The Unmasked [co-written] (2012), dystopian short
Mono [co-written] (2012), thriller short
The Greatest Love Story (2011), romance short
The Puppet King (2010), fantasy satire short
Chapter 403 [co-written] (2009), comedy/supernatural short
Music of the Spheres [co-written] (2008), bizarre comedy short
Kirk Mannican’s Liberty Mug [co-written] (2007), satire/drama feature
Oscar, Alfred, and Adolph [co-written] (2007), comedy short
Degrees of Separation [co-written] (2007), romance short
Corporate Assault [co-written] (2006), exploitation parody short
Milligan Tribute Band [co-written] (2005), horror/musical feature
The Human Elbow [co-written] (2005), thriller short
Tapeworm (fetish) [co-written] (2003), absurdist feature